Walking Through the Scriptures (Rector’s Letter for 3/01/21)

Walking Through the Scriptures (Rector’s Letter for 3/01/21)

Dear Redeemer Family:

I have received a lot of positive feedback regarding last Wednesday’s ‘walk through the scriptures’ regarding stewardship, giving, and money. It was a significant blessing and challenge for many who attended. Some commented that it was the best teaching they had heard regarding stewardship in some time. Since many were not able to attend the teaching live, I have recorded it and made it available for any who missed it, or who want to engage again with the material. 
Stewardship and Giving are not simply issues of financial need from ministries. As noted in the teaching, they are critical issues of discipleship for anyone who desires to follow Jesus. My hope is that every member of Redeemer will set 50 minutes aside (or break it into smaller chunks) to be illuminated, inspired, and challenged by God’s living and active word.
Click this LINK to download and watch the teaching. I encourage you to have a notepad handy, so you can make notes as you listen, and also be ready to pause the video to give yourself space to journal and reflect on what you hear.

I continue to be challenged as I reflect on the scriptures noted in the teaching. I pray that you will be also, for the glory of Jesus Christ and His kingdom work in the world.
Fr. Bill


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