Walk for Domestic Awareness (Rector’s Letter for 3/14)

Walk for Domestic Awareness (Rector’s Letter for 3/14)

Dear Redeemer Family:

Every Sunday we conclude our services with a corporate declaration of our mission statement. Before you read it below… do you remember it? The Lord calls us…
…To make followers who: Know Christ, Grow Together, and Go into the world. We are then invited by the leader: Let us go forth in the name of Christ (and we answer, “thanks be to God.”).  

On Saturday March 27th at 9AM, we have an opportunity to practice our participation in Christ’s mission as we go into the world. Redeemer has supported the life-saving work of Hubbard House for many years, and in two weeks you can “go forth” and participate in Hubbard House’s annual walk for Domestic Violence Awareness. Together, we’ll raise awareness of domestic violence and raise funds to ensure help is available when survivors and their children need help the very most.
During this Coronavirus season, domestic violence is on the rise… Hubbard House needs your help to save lives. You can participate in the walk from the Duval Courthouse, or you can participate from your own neighborhood (and post your own walk on Hubbard House’s facebook page). Click HERE to learn more or HERE to register for Redeemer’s walk team (search for Redeemer in team name).

I hope you will join in this opportunity to promote awareness for Hubbard House’s services to our city. Go to hubbardhouse.org to learn more. I also hope that you will take time to pray for Hubbard House’s staff and volunteers as they serve some of the most vulnerable in our community, and to pray for the 100+ individuals and families currently in HH’s emergency shelter.

Let’s go forth together in the name of Christ on March 27th!
Fr. Bill


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