Update from the Senior Warden

Update from the Senior Warden

Dear Redeemer Family:

While Father Bill is on vacation, I wanted to reach out to discuss a few things.
God is good! Thank you for your support of Redeemer during a year we will not forget. Amid the disruption, the uncertainty and the anxiety that surrounds us, you have faithfully supportedRedeemer. Redeemer’s mission is enabled by your continued support. Thank you! Bless you!

We have been in Phase-1 of our re-opening process, with limited services and activities at theChurch. Given the current infection rate, we will remain in Phase-1 until the risks to our membership diminish. We will continue to provide video options for our programs to support and connect with our members. The Church remains open for worship to those who feel comfortable doing so on Sundays at 10 AM, and Wednesdays at Noon. The Wednesday program is migrating inside the building as the heat of summer has arrived. It is a compact service lasting only 15 minutes or so, with a Eucharistic service structure.
Our Archbishop and Bishop have provided additional direction to us at this time, given thepandemic’s persistent presence, which we are fully implementing this Sunday:

  1. We are taking attendance, and we might even capture a snapshot of you during the service. You will be asked to sign-in when you come to Church. We want to be able to reach you if we later find out someone attending has tested positive. The purpose of the picture is to cross-reference the sign-in sheet.
  2. For the sake of transparency, we will communicate to the congregation by email any instances of a person who has tested positive being on premises. The person’s name shall not be revealed in this communication without their consent. Given the time between of our on-premise activities and the excellent adherence to wearing masks and maintaining social distancing we have seen from all who have been on site, we do not anticipate any disruption to our ability to continue to conduct open services at the Church, as all these steps materially reduce the risk of infection. If there is any concern, the Vestry will review the facts and circumstances and adjust our activities as needed to ensure the well-being of our congregation.
  3. They are asking for us to adjust the music content of our service to actively discourage congregational singing due to concerns over the aerosol effect when we all let those vocal cords get to work. As a result, Darlene and her talented team are going to introduce more instrumental performances, and limit singing to solos. Musicians will be wearing masks when they are not singing or reading scripture.

Thank you for the resilience you have demonstrated as we all navigate interesting times. If you have questions or comments while Bill is on vacation, please feel free to send me a note atmjzambetti@outlook.com or contact the other members of the Vestry and Church Staff.

I send my prayers to Bill and his family as he recharges, and to the Redeemer family.
Let us go out and be His Disciples as we share His love with others, and in doing so find the Holy Spirit dwelling brightly within us.

Mike Zambetti, Sr. Warden


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