The End of Our Holy Spirit Study and Bishop Neil Lehbar’s Annual Visit (Rector’s Letter for 11/16)

The End of Our Holy Spirit Study and Bishop Neil Lehbar’s Annual Visit (Rector’s Letter for 11/16)

Dear Redeemer Family:

My sermon yesterday was the final sermon in our 7-week study of the Holy Spirit. I hope you all have listened to it, or plan to listen. By our faith in Jesus we are all members of His body, are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and are equipped by the Spirit for the work and ministry he desires us to be doing. This is an active relationship, and this is an ongoing relationship. Whether you are younger or older, you never cease to be members of Christ’s body, indwelt by the Spirit, and equipped for his work through you. Whether it is labor, or outreach, or compassion, or prayer, we can all, every day of our lives, participate in the Lord’s Kingdom work in the world. I pray you reflect on and embrace this amazing privilege anew this day and this week!
This Sunday will be our annual visit with Bishop Neil Lebhar. We will be celebrating Baptism and Confirmation, and will be receiving new members. If you are new to Redeemer and ready to officially join as a member, please email Please also pray for Craig Brown Jr. as he prepares for his Confirmation.
As I mentioned last week, the season of Advent is rapidly approaching. Redeemer is considering offering three Christmas Eve services (5PM, 7PM and 9PM) to safely allow for 300 members and visitors to attend. Please click on the BUTTON BELOW OR HERE to fill out our online survey, so we can know if you plan to attend in-person, and which service time you prefer. I want to remind you that we have plenty of room – please do not fear that by attending in person, you might be taking a seat from someone else. We can safely seat 100 or more in the sanctuary, while still practicing social-distancing and safety. I also want to assure you that until you are ready to attend in-person, you will be able to continue worshipping with us virtually through Facebook Live.

Finally, I strongly encourage you to prayerfully consider who the LORD would have you invite to our Christmas Eve service. This has been a year like no other, and my sense is that outsiders may be even more willing than in previous years to attend a Christmas Eve worship service with friends.
Following the living Lord Jesus,
Fr. Bill


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