“Running on Empty, or Empowered by God the Spirit?” (Rector’s Letter 10/4)

“Running on Empty, or Empowered by God the Spirit?” (Rector’s Letter 10/4)

Dear Redeemer Family,

We begin our seven-week study of the Holy Spirit together this week, and I am excited to be on this journey with you. Click here to download the study. My sermon this past Sunday challenged me, and I pray it also challenged you. See the information below on our “Running on Empty?” study, and how to get connected if you are not already involved with a Redeemer small group.

I am so thankful for your ongoing faithful support of Redeemer. This continues to be a challenging season, especially financially. We would not be where we are without your support, and we remain in a delicate financial situation. In recent weeks, we have made some upgrades to Redeemer’s media and tech infrastructure, along with the upgrade to our sign on Philips Highway. If the Lord has blessed you with the ability to give above your tithe/pledge, I ask you to consider a special gift toward these necessary improvements (see the end of my letter for a list of recent improvement expenses).

Know that I am praying for you! In this very difficult and divided season, I pray that you will stay connected to your Redeemer family, and I encourage you to be praying for and reaching out to each other.

Thank you for your prayers for me and for my family. We are 11 days away from Dan’s wedding, and our feelings range from excited to nervous to anxious as some of the wedding party are sick, and others are afraid. Please be praying for peace for Dan and Nicole as their big day approaches!

Confident in the love, protection, and provision of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ,

Fr. Bill

Sound Booth Video Improvements: $4000
IT and Internet Improvements: $4500
New Sign on Philips Highway: $1000


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