Redeemer Student Ministries

Redeemer Student Ministries

What we’re about

Redeemer Student Ministry (RSM) exists so any and every middle school and high school student can have a place to meet Jesus for themselves, be a part of a community that loves them and makes a difference in the lives of others.

In RSM students learn, ask questions about, wrestle with, and grow in
the historic and biblical Christian faith. We worship, pray, and play together. We support each other when we go through hard times, celebrate each other’s successes, and are also known for the occasional nerf battle. In our youth group, our goal is for our students to learn how to ask deeper questions and develop deeper friendships. Come find a place of friendship and belonging in RSM.

How we Meet:

RSM has online and in-person options in Jacksonville, FL. We have impromptu hang outs and games nights online. Our Wednesday night programs and small groups are designed so students can attend online.

RSM meets in-person alongside our online meeting and does in-person events while keeping our eye on the pandemic.

What We Do

Word Wednesday (Youth Group), Wednesday 6:30-7:45 p.m.

Every Wednesday night students gather in person and online to connect with healthy friendships, Bible study, and prayer. Students are invited to log in or be dropped off as early as 6:00 to chat or play games. If you’re interested in exploring RSM, this is a good place to start.

Small Group Sunday (time determined by small group)

RSM offers small groups for students to connect with other students in their age range and gender. Each group is led by a vetted and trained adult to share meaningfully and pray together through Zoom. Small group times vary in length and schedule, but each one meets once a week. Small groups are open to students who have been around RSM for a little while. 

How to get connected:

Whether you’re student or a parent it’s easy to get connected! Either message one of our profiles on social media or email our youth pastor at We’d love to connect, get to know you and include you in our communications and for students, include you in our next event.

Our Youth Pastor: