Rector’s Letter for June 22, 2020

Rector’s Letter for June 22, 2020

Dear Redeemer Family:

It is now week 15 since Covid-19 changed our world; over 100 days have passed in this strange new “normal” began. I know that I still have some level of anxiety and concern as I consider the summer and fall – what will happen, will things get better or worse, will I get sick and if so how sick… I am guessing that most of you have similar feelings.
I have found peace in the midst of my efforts to keep the Lord and his Word before me throughout my day: as I sit down, and walk about, lie down, and get up (Deuteronomy 6:7). In those times, scripture reminds me that the Lord alone is God, Creator, Redeemer. He is on his throne, and paying attention. He knows all of my thoughts, fears, and needs. He is faithful and trustworthy. In Christ I am redeemed, dead to sin, and alive to God. May the God of peace so encourage and strengthen each of you. 
I continue to hear and see good fruit, Kingdom fruit, in the midst of Redeemer during this crisis. I continue to hear of members reaching out to other members and neighbors, loving them with Christ’s love, and caring for them. I continue to hear of members sharing their needs with their Redeemer small group members, and those members walking alongside each other sharing the burdens. I am proud of Redeemer, and continue to be humbled and honored to be your Rector.
As we are seeking to finalize our phase-2 plans and prepare for August, we will be reaching out to you through emails, phone calls, and surveys. Please take time to respond, so we are able to consider your feedback, concerns, and ideas. In everything, we desire to bring glory and praise to the Lord, care for the concerns of those most vulnerable, and facilitate growth and transformation in our members. As Jesus called his disciples, he calls us, to love God with all that we are and to love our neighbors.

I have so enjoyed seeing some of you, and I look forward to seeing more of you as the crisis (hopefully) winds down in future weeks. Know that I pray regularly for you!

Fr. Bill


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