Rector’s Letter for 8/3

Rector’s Letter for 8/3

Dear Redeemer Family,

It was great to be back with you after a refreshing time of vacation, as we celebrated Holy Eucharist together yesterday. As I noted during the service, we will be returning to our “normal routine” of Holy Eucharist every Sunday. As we did yesterday, we will be distributing communion carefully to those who are in attendance, and we will have communion available for pick-up for those who continue to worship from home. Communion is now being offered “in both kinds.” We are following the practice of many other Anglican churches, distributing wafers with one drop of communion wine in the center.

I want to remind you that whether you worship from home or in person during this ongoing coronavirus season, there is no “right” or “wrong” way. Please continue to worship at home until you are ready or able to join us in-person. We will continue to expect masks to be worn as mandated by our local government for those who attend in person, and we will continue to broadcast through Facebook Live. If you plan to attend in person, please remember to use our online sign-up form, found at our website

I also mentioned yesterday, that I am missing you – I miss seeing you regularly in person. I have not been able to be in contact with everyone, and I am seeking to catch up with as many of you as possible. I would enjoy a socially-distanced coffee with you, if it would be a blessing for you, so that we might catch up together. If you are interested, please call the church office or email shirley.redeemerjax@gmail.comand Shirley will get our coffee scheduled. We can meet in the fellowship hall with social distancing, drink our Hope Farm coffee, and catch up. If in person is not an option for you at this time, then let’s schedule a Zoom catch-up. 

Know that I pray for you regularly!

 Fr. Bill


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