Rector’s Letter for 8/10

Rector’s Letter for 8/10

Dear Redeemer Family:

On this beautiful Monday morning, I am thankful for so many things. For my own life and calling, for my family, and for my Redeemer family. In the midst of my morning and days, I pray regularly for you all (usually by your faces, envisioning where you usually sit on Sundays, at least on Sundays before coronavirus). I am also thankful for you, as I know that many of you pray regularly for me and my family. This is one of the great values of a spiritual family!

Thank you to those of you who responded to my offer to meet and catch up. I am so enjoying my coffees and calls, as I get to catch up with you all in this unique season. In England, the “Parish” was not just the church, but the neighborhood where the church members lived… walking the parish therefore included stopping by members’ homes and businesses, catching up along the way. That is what I am seeking to do, in scheduling coffees and calls with you to catch up, to share, and to pray. I hope over the upcoming weeks to meet with each of you, whether through in-person coffees (socially distanced of course), or through Zoom. If you want to schedule a meet up, please email and she will get you onto my calendar.

It has been a joy to celebrate and distribute Communion on Sundays again. This past Sunday we had 44 in attendance… we can easily handle 100+ socially distanced. As more of you come, it is important to remember to sign up so we can be prepared for everyone.  When you are ready to attend, I look forward to seeing you there. Until then, I and my pastoral team are ready to deliver Eucharist to you. If that would be a blessing, please let Shirley know and she will get it scheduled. 

I pray the Lord’s blessing on you in the midst of your week, and I look forward to seeing you soon, whether through technology or in person!

Fr. Bill


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