The Pileggi Family

The Pileggi Family

The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People (CMJ)

Canon Daryl Fenton is the leader of CMJ USA which is part of the Worldwide CMJ family.  The purpose of CMJ is investing in the spiritual renewal of the Jewish people.

Redeemer has been supporting the CMJ mission for over two decades through the efforts of David Pileggi. David is the Director of Alexander College at Christ Church in Jerusalem.  He is also a teacher for the Shoresh Study tours. Shoresh is known to our Redeemer congregation as the organization that has taught us about our Jewish roots.  Many in the Redeemer congregation have gone on these tours to Israel.

Alexander College is dedicated to serving Christ by helping Christians come into a deeper understanding of the sacred text so that we may become better disciples of Jesus the Messiah.  “At Alexander College, we use the Holy Land as our classroom and the Bible as our textbook to help participants dig deep into the soil of Israel and recover our Jewish roots.”

Please contact Redeemer’s Advocate, Joyce Kruse, (904-885-9451) to learn more about being involved in the CMJ and Shoresh efforts. Additionally, those interested can contribute directly through:


P.O. Box 443