Missions and Outreach

Missions and Outreach

Redeemer tithes ten percent of income for missions and outreach.  Through the Missions and Outreach Committee, we partner with missions and outreach ministries where we have a relational connection which is developed, nurtured, and supported by a passionate advocate for the ministry.  If you are interested in service opportunities or have any questions regarding a specific mission or outreach, email us at churchoftheredeemerjax@gmail.com, and we will forward your interest to the appropriate advocate.

How Can I Best Pray for Our Missionaries?

  • Pray for protection in Travel (narrow roads, mountains, un-safe areas, bad weather) (Isaiah 43:2)  
  • Pray for Unity (team ministries, isolated situations) (Psalm 133)

Lets remember these area’s of prayer for our missionaries.

Contacts for Redeemer Missions and Outreach Ministries

Local Outreach

Kairos and Prisoners of Christ
Charlie Arnold –
Tracy Winfree – stw32216@aol.com

City Rescue Mission
Karen Fergusson –  kjjax@comcast.net

St. Mary’s
Linda Kattman – ljkattman@gmail.com

First Coast Women’s Services
Lynne Norris – lhninjaxfl@outlook.com

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Mary Reilly – mmreilly24@comcast.net

Living Without Lust
Jay Haug – cjcwguy@gmail.com

Hubbard House
Karen Fergusson –  kjjax@comcast.net

The Table Fellowship
Jane Cook – cook7824@comcast.net

International Outreach

Mike and Kim Miller
Thomas and Rebekah Berger – tberger312@gmail.com, abserbean@gmail.com

Juan and Maria Marentes
Joyce Kruse – Kruse10105@comcast.net

The Pileggi Family
Jim Capell – jim1capell@att.net,
Jim Collins jameshcollins29@hotmail.com

Eric Voelz
Jane Cook – cook7824@comcast.net