Holy Spirit Study, Data, and the Wedding (Rector’s Letter 10/12)

Holy Spirit Study, Data, and the Wedding (Rector’s Letter 10/12)

Dear Redeemer Family:

I have heard great feedback from many of you on our all-together study of the Holy Spirit. You can download a copy of the study from the homepage of our website, and join the conversations in our two open-group zoom gatherings on Wed at 6:30PM or Sunday at 11:10AM. If you are not yet a part of a Redeemer small group, I strongly encourage you to email Darlene.redeemer@gmail.com to join one of our many groups.

We are working hard to update our Redeemer member database, and we need your help! Having current home and email addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays (including the YEAR) for all of you is very important to us. Please click here or the light blue box titled “Redeemer Contact Update Form” on our website to update your information.

This is “wedding week” for my son Dan and his bride Nicole, and you are all invited to attend virtually. It will be livestreamed on Redeemer’s facebook page. Simply click the “livestreams” link on Redeemer’s website, and you can watch live at 5PM this Friday, or watch later that evening (it will be posted with our other videos). If you would like to send a note or video of blessing, prayer, or encouragement to Dan and Nicole, send it to tohaveandtodriscoll@gmail.com (a gmail account we created for this purpose).

I am so thankful for you, and for your continued financial support of Redeemer in this challenging season. Please continue to pray for your vestry and ministry leaders as we plan for our Advent and spring programs.

Following the Good Shepherd Jesus Christ,
Fr. Bill


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