Future Vision Committee and S.H.A.PE (Rector’s Letter for 4/12)

Future Vision Committee and S.H.A.PE (Rector’s Letter for 4/12)

Dear Redeemer Family,
It is a blessing to be in the midst of this Easter Season with you. I am so encouraged by the strong leadership from our Vestry, our Future Vision Committee, and the Children’s Ministry Future Planning Committee. There are really great things happening in our midst, as the Lord works in and through His people at Redeemer.
This Easter Season is a season of rebirth and revisioning for Redeemer. We are preparing for the expiration of our current lease in 3.5 years, and seeking to hear the Lord’s voice and follow His direction for the future of our church family and we need your help. The Future Vision Committee is calling for “all hands on deck,” as they seek participation and engagement in this process from as many members as possible. I strongly encourage you to block off the two Saturday mornings, 4-24 and 5-22, so that you can be present for these crucial gatherings.
This week I ask you to take your first step of participation, by completing the S.H.A.PE. assessment we discussed yesterday in our services. Click HERE to learn more. You will receive an email in the next day or two with instructions and a link to the assessment, which we would like to have completed by Sunday, April 18 so that the results can be compiled and available for the meeting on the following Saturday. Only the aggregate data will be presented; your personal information and comments will be kept confidential. 
I am truly excited as this Easter Season progresses! Please join with your Redeemer family in hearing and obeying God’s direction.

Fr. Bill


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