Christmas Eve Service Survey and St. Mary’s “Angel Tree”! (Rector’s Letter for 11/09)

Christmas Eve Service Survey and St. Mary’s “Angel Tree”! (Rector’s Letter for 11/09)

Dear Redeemer Family,

This has been such a strange year. At times, it seems that the year will never end, and at other times the days are flying by. I can hardly believe that there are only 17 days until Thanksgiving, and 46 days until Christmas. I miss all of you, and I especially miss seeing you in person on Sunday mornings TOGETHER. I have connected with many of you at one point or another, and I have not connected with others (if that is you, please forgive me, and please let me know how you are doing!). Please email me or text me with any updates or prayer requests, and know that I am and will continue to pray for you! — 904-652-4676

The season of Advent and Christmas Eve are rapidly approaching, and your ministry team has begun to plan for our holiday services. Due to this ongoing coronavirus season, and the unpredictability regarding where our city and region will be with regard to the virus in December, we are planning for the possibility of three services on Christmas Eve, and each will be available in-person and on-line. We want EVERYONE who wants to worship in person to be able to attend, while at the same time honoring the need for social-distancing and safety. Our plan is to have sign-ups for the three services, so we can ensure no one service is packed, while another is barely attended. We have plenty of space, so EVERYONE who wants to attend will be able to – we can safely seat 100 or more in the sanctuary, while still practicing social-distancing and safety.

Our proposed Christmas Eve service times will be at 5PM, 7PM and 9PM. Please click the button below to fill out our online survey, so we can know which service times you prefer, and if you prefer in-person or on-line. Again, I want to remind you that we have plenty of room – please do not fear that by attending in person, you might be taking a seat from someone else. Please also note that these times are proposed, and may potentially change based on the responses we receive.

Finally, I want to strongly encourage you to prayerfully consider who the LORD would have you invite to our Christmas Eve service. This has been a year like no other, and my sense is that outsiders may be even more willing than in previous years to attend a Christmas Eve worship service with friends.

Thank you for your partnership in the Lord’s work in and through Redeemer! I am humbled to serve as your Priest, and I will be praying for you in the upcoming days.

Fr. Bill


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