2020 Vestry Election Slate Questions

2020 Vestry Election Slate Questions

Vestry Slate Questions:

  1. How long have you been at Redeemer?  
  2. What is your “day job”?   
  3. In what ways have you participated, volunteered, or served at Redeemer?  
  4. Why are you a member at Redeemer? OR, what do you love about Redeemer?
    Vestry Slate – 6 Candidates for 3 Vestry Positions
Bob Baldwin
  1. 35 years
  2. Director of Development & Operations Elevate Jacksonville
  3. Vestry 4 times, Sr. Warden twice, LEM and Chalice Bearer, Building Campaign Chair, Home Group Leader, Pancake Breakfast, Spiritual Gifts Workshop, Financial Peace facilitator, and Mission trips to Honduras, Peru, Uganda.
  4. I love Redeemer because of the impact it has had on me and my family. I came to accept the Lord as my Savior at Redeemer. When we opened and closed our bookstore, Redeemer was there to help us open it and close it. When we have needed help the family of Redeemer was there to provide support. Our daughters came to know the Lord while at Redeemer. Our daughter was married at Redeemer. I have been able to grow in my faith, through the teaching and preaching at Redeemer. It has been truly living out the mission of Knowing God, Growing together, and Going into the World.
Kyle Gavin
  1. 30 Years
  2. Attorney.
  3. Usher, Vestry, Media Volunteer (in the sound booth), pancake supper cook.
  4. Redeemer is a church that contends for the faith once delivered to the saints!
Andrea McCullough
  1. 6 years
  2. Stay at home mother
  3. Nursery volunteer prepare welcome bags for the welcoming committee, Organize Redeemers Women’s Book Club & Host Zoom Book Discussions.
  4. While very pregnant with our third son, looking for a community of Christ following couples with small children. Our son was born a few weeks later and I met several of you for the first time when you brought a meal to our home, and when the Lord dropped a newborn baby girl in our lap a year and half later and told us to adopt her, you were right there to support us through the process of growing our family again with meals and draw on your experience of adoption to walk through it with us. The relationship bonds we have made are so precious to my family.
Joel Nichols
  1. 18 years
  2. I am a Certified Planner and the managing partner for Comprehensive Financial
    Consultants, a 5-member team at UBS. We do comprehensive financial planning and wealth management for individuals as well as institutional management for businesses and qualified retirement plans
  3. Over the years we have served in several different capacities. I was treasurer for 6 years, have taught adult Sunday School at several different junctures, help teach Men’s Bible study, taught 4 th  grade Sunday School 1 year, have served on several Kairos teams at Baker Correctional, and am a proud member of Team Brad, helping our brother in the Men’s Group navigate life.
  4. I first got to know Redeemer when I came for my interview on Young Life staff from Atlanta (I served on the staff for Young Life for 10 years and my last stop was as the suburban area director here in Jacksonville from 2002-2004). Neil and Shawn Porter were both part of the interview team, so when we accepted the job we visited our first Sunday in town. I had grown up Episcopalian and Kim Methodist, but the previous 2 churches we had been members of were Willow Creek model Baptist churches in different parts of Metro Atlanta. There I had felt like I got some variation of about 5 different sermons each week and the laity had very little of their own comprehension of the Gospel. Redeemer was different. I was hungry for Expository teaching from the scriptures and to have a body of Christ to do life with that was willing to challenge me and step out and live their faith. That is what we do well and at Redeemer I end up getting more involved in the messy details of loving people and loving the Lord than in any other church I have been a part of in my walk with Christ.
Molly Taunton
  1. 20 years.
  2. I work as a gymnastics coach in the afternoons. In my off hours I am a full-time mom.
  3. I have volunteered with the children’s ministry and the youth ministry at various points of
    time in my attendance. I also served as a member of the worship team for many years.
  4. I love Redeemer because it feels like family. It’s not just some place to go Sunday
    morning; it’s a community of multi-generational believers that has been there to show
    me love and support and to serve alongside with in the community.
Tracy Winfree
  1. 27 years ago
  2. I am an Independent Financial Advisor under the name of RFW Wealth Advisors.
  3. “Tours” on Vestry, media and chalice service.  Men’s Thursday Bible study.
  4. I need the Biblical teaching and community of Redeemer to take my gaze off of world
    thinking and on Kingdom focus.  I struggle to answer the call to be the “hands and feet of
    Jesus”.  I couldn’t begin to do it without the help of Redeemer.

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