Altar Guild

Do you enjoy setting a grand table for very special guests?  Then you would enjoy serving on the Redeemer Altar Guild.  The Altar Guild sets the Lord's Table for the celebration of Holy Eucharist each Sunday.  This service is carried out by four teams who are led by Gladys Tison and Betty Stich.  The primary duties include setting out wine and wafers, placing appropriate linens on the altar, ensuring the Bible is marked for the readings, filling the candles with oil and placing the alms basins out.  Between services the Altar Guild washes the chalices, refills the cruets with wine and places clean linen on the altar. 

You do not have to know how to do any of these duties.  The Altar Guild members will train you.  You will not be asked to perform duties alone.  The four teams rotate the duties so that each team serves once a month.  A team will spend about two hours during its assigned week.  Men and women are welcome to join the Altar Guild.  Please contact Gladys Tison or Betty Stich) for more information.